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In addition to installation and maintenance of seamless gutters, we offer installation of siding, soffit, trim, roofing, and replacement windows. The devil is in the details ... but if the details are right, the result can be heavenly.

No, we don't claim to be angels but we, here at Rhodes Seamless Gutters and Home Improvements, pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We know that's what sets us apart from the dozens of other companies who want your siding business.

Siding, Soffit & Trim Installation

Our competitors and we all have access to the same or similar materials but we think we have a little extra to bring to the party.

Patience: We can do the "prep work" to repair the obvious problems with existing sheathing and siding. If we run into more while mid-project, we tell you. Repair or ignore ... it's your choice.

Philosophy: Do it right!. We don't do the next step until we've checked the last step. We fix it if it's wrong.

Precision: If it fits pretty well ... if there is that little question ... we do it over to get it right.

Pride: we do not ... we will not leave a job until we are proud of what we have done.

These are the "Four P's" of Rhodes Seamless Gutters siding policy. These 4 P's – whether they be protocol, policy, practice or planning ... they promise you the best possible home improvements procedure!